Saturday, August 16, 2014

my perspective is changing

    This week has been awesome! we have received many answers to our prayers. the lord is helping our investigators with problems they are having and we teach with the spirit for every lesson. its awesome! and we had a meeting with the bishop yesterday and he was crying because he couldn't believe that so many inactives were coming back to church and people were accepting callings!! he was like "thank you so much!!" tears streaming down... so we haven't even met with half the inactives. we keep finding more and more and rescuing more and more and the lord is really leading us to them. there's a few that we are working with that said they have been waiting for us cause they need help. its been a week full of fun and miracles. my comp and i set a goal to always be happy and find the good in everything and its working. we are always so cheerful. we hit the gym every morning and it helps a lot. we lost an investigator because the leaders said that the investigator is staring at me and always trying to get close to me so we had to pass him to the elders. LOL i'm glad tho because we were very professional with him and clarified who we represent but he still continued to call in inappropriate names so they have to take him from us. its definitely a different world here and i'm going to kill this keyboard!!! the keys don't press well so i'm slamming the keys like a crazy woman haaahhaha.
   so i flew to lima city last tuesday and it was awesome!! got to see some elders in my group at the MTC! and it was COLD!!! it felt so good!!! hhaha AND i had a HOT SHOWER!!!!!! i put it on as hot as i could stand and enjoyed it while it lasted! hahah it was awesome. and it was soo weird being in a modern city! its so developed compared to here and it made me a little trunky haah. but i was glad to fly back to iquitos and carry on with my mission.
    so the members here really are great. they are super nice and take really good care of us! we feel so loved by them. they are always feeding us and giving us stuff and greeting us and all... its awesome. i love them. i feel like a therapist. EVERYONE always tells us ALL there problems with there marriage kids friends past... etc. and they are seeking for help. this week was awesome but overwhelming because everyone was telling us their problems! like lesson after lesson was them spilling all their problems. it caused us to push back a few baptism dates but we were so happy to help them. its crazy how much they trust us!! at the end of the day where everyone was telling us their problems we were EXAUSTED! its crazy how tired you can get from helping people all day. its so rewarding to see the progress tho. i LOVE my mission and i love being here. there are so many little moments and miracles that happen that remind me why I'm here and how much my own life and perspective is changing by being here immersed in the lord's work. like last night we found this awesome family of gold. the mom learned to pray and said the final prayer. it was one of the most heartfelt prayers i've heard here. she spilled her heart out and told the lord that she was so happy we found her and that she has a chance to go to church and repent and be happy. of course i was all teary eyed from feeling the spirit so strong and i was so happy because i knew the lord was pleased that she was talking to him. i could feel it.
    so i was reading my book of mormon and came across a short scripture that made me think alma 39:14.  says something like seek not the riches of the world, because you cannot carry them with you forever. and its so true. glamour and money and name brand clothes don't matter. and a fancy engagement ring don't matter. heck give me a piece of string and i'll tie that around my finger for the rest of my life! hahah the people here are so content with the little that they have and i love it. its so tranquillo.
   dad, when i get home me and lana are going to take you to the gym everyday! alright?? its so fun! i'm training like 5 ppl right now and its hilarious! there's a few members that come with us in the morning and have no idea how to use the machines! LOL its so fun! my comp thought that if she used the bicycle too much she would get super skinny like too skinny and i was like haaha no that won't happen with the amount of food they give us. and i taught her how to use the bench press and she says she feels so cool when she uses it but always makes me spot her with the single bar because shes scared it will fall on her face. its super fun!! well i love you all so much and trust me when i say i am enjoying the mission ALOT! thank you everyone for your support! xoxox
ps forgot to say that yes we contact on the street. 100 contacts a week at least is what we do. its fun! we don't go door to door because we have a ton of investigators and less actives that we are visiting. our schedule for this week is pretty much all filled so we are going to do divisions again. :)

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