Monday, October 5, 2015

i believe it can be classified as heavenly love

hey dad!!! man this week was nutzzz and awesome! i'm learning sooo much. i am super happy because at this point on my mission i feel the closest to my heavenly father than i have ever been. it is such an amazing feeling. i feel so connected with him when i pray. i have a much stronger testimony on prayers. it was so nice to listen to conference this weekend. it was exactly what i needed. it made me so happy and i felt so good. i can't even describe the feelings i got while listening to these men and women called by god to speak. i am grateful for the 3 new apostles. i know they are called of god. there are a few things that impacted me a lot.

first: that we must magnify our callings! it is so important to fulfill our callings with all diligence without being slothful. there are so many people who need there hands lifted, who need sustaining and support and help.

second: it is extremely important to keep the commandments with exact obedience. obedience gives us spiritual protection and helps us firm our grasp on the iron rod. who cares if the people in the great and spacious building laugh at us. there is no shame in trying to achieve eternal life and trying to have an eternal family.

third: i LOVE MY MOM AND DAD!!!! the talk that holland gave left me in tears. i don't think i've ever cried so much during conference. i missed mom so much and i just wanted to hug her. 9 weeks and i'll get to hug her! she is the best mom ever! she bares with me, she prays for me she sacrifices for me and loves me so much. her mortal love for me is so much that i believe it can be classified as heavenly love. so thank you mom for being determined and saintly! you are the pure love of christ! 
    and dad..... thank you for warning me about the dangers of the world. for always telling me the consequences of good and bad choices, for not beating around the bush and for always being open and direct with me and never embarrassed to say anything to me and never afraid to offend me. thank you for always saying i love you to me and hugging me and kissing me! and for the whisker rubs on my cheeks! haahhaa you guys save me. thank you for doing family prayer always and scriptures with us. i miss you guys so much......

soooo we have interviews with the president. crazy to think that my next interview with him will be my exit interview. what!! time has flown. and also we had a good chat. i told him that if i get a new companion next transfer for my last change i would like her to be the hardest companion on the whole mission. i asked him to pray to receive revelation as to whom would be the hardest companion for me. i want her :) he thought i was joking and told me that in all his time here i was the second missionary who has requested this. the other missionary was an elder. haha he laughed and said that he was glad that i was willing to learn from my trials. well its true that there are a lot of trials on the mission. but its better to learn from them than not learn from them...

so don't forget to schedule my homecoming talk for the 13 of diciembre. i love you all so much! be good!!!

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