Monday, October 19, 2015

well not much has happened here lately...

nope no goofing off for me just because its the end of my mission because i KNOW i would regret that! how are you all doing?!!!! i'm glad kalene made it home safe! i wrote her the last couple months of her mission. we sent pics back and forth. kalene has always been a loyal awesome and fun friend to me. i love her a lot and value our friendship a lot. after all she was one of my first friends when we moved to the fort! she's known me since 9 years old! woah! i am excited to see her again! i really wanna hang out with her and just talk about our missions. its really cool how a mission teaches you soooooo much. before the mission i couldn't have just prepared a talk for sacrament 10 minutes before. but here i always get asked to do it. once i forgot that the bishop had asked me to speak and in sacrament while he was at the pulpit he had reminded me by announcing that i was going to speak... i felt sooo bad! so i got up there with my scriptures and my preach my gospel and notes and it turned out pretty good. the thing is that the more we study, the more the spirit has to draw from us. i accepted the challenge from general conference to memorize a scripture a week. so i'm actually memorizing two a week. i'm memorizing alma 5. i just love that chapter. but anyway its true that i feel much more confident when i speak in public. or when i give my opinion in classes. i really love my mission. its been so special to me and i'm excited to keep studying my scriptures when i get home. i want to buy those books that gran uses to study. the book of mormon has one and the bible too. its like a book that helps you understand the doctrine better. 
    well not much has happened here lately... i havn't told you guys many stories because i'm saving it for when i get home and i make a slideshow with pics so i have stories to tell.... we moved today and its the nicest place i've lived in ALL my mission. i can say that i will die (a term we use when we are finishing the mission. so when you finish you "die") in peace.... haha we live with our new pensionista so that's super nice. she gives us good food :) i'm enjoying it. and my comp is awesome and all the sisters in the zone that i take care of are awesome! i love them all soooo much! i just want them to be happy and enjoy the work! 
    well i love you all and i'll see you soon. xoxoxoxox
me and my companion. from Lima         
us moving out this morning.. the zone leaders came over and helped us.. well they basically did everything hahaha this is them lowering the fridge.. jungle style.. hahaha we just threw everything down
yeppppp all packed and ready to go! this is how we get around.. haha and its legal :)
on the bus heading to a conference! .. hahha
this is what we use for transport.. motokars! they are cheap... we take about 3 a day
i alwyas get asked if im shakira... its sooo old!!! . and everyone thinks its so funny

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