Monday, October 26, 2015

i'm 90 percent jungle

what up dad!!!
might as well just pick me up at 5 in pg and we can go out for supper or something. and just talk for a while! i'll probably hug you for 5 hours dad!!! hahaha and then we can go pick up LANA!! LAMAROOO YAY! i wonder who will be more tan. probably me!! just kidding. that's not important... buttttttttt anyway... yeah so i picked up all my junk from the offices yesterday and i threw away sooo much useless stuff... and don't worry.. i do NOT plan on bringing my bed sheets hot.. not even my pillow and not my clothes.. just a few skirts that are still good and some shirts. and stuff that the members have boughten me. my pillow is pooched (dad's word) it officially ripped in half last night.. its had a good year and a half. can't wait to have my old pillow back (the one gramma Penny gave me. i'm sure its still put away right??) i'm so glad i didn't bring that pillow here. its sooo nice. but yeah i'm leaving my shoes here. dad, everyone wants my shoes. there are lots of sisters who suffer because they didn't bring good shoes and i feel bad so i'm going to leave them here. just going to bring the shoes on my feet which will be the ripped ones i have so i can leave the other shoes here for sisters who need them. be prepared to receive your daughter from the jungle... i'm 90 percent jungle and 10 percent canadian now... hahaha my skin needs treatment, my hair, my feet, everything! lolllll i hope you don't all get to freaked out when u see me. 

anyway this week was awesome! we worked hard and found 4 awesome families! we found a family who lost 6 kids. 4 in an accident and 2 when they were babies. only one is alive..... we taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was incredibly strong! the dad was crying and really wants us to come back. i think i have only cried in front of an investigator 3 times on my mission and when we said the last prayer i couldn't hold it in and i teared up... we left and as soon as we got around the corner i stopped to cry.. i had a good little cry for the first time in verrrrrry long. i told my comp that i couldn't imagine how they feel. i couldn't imagine losing brendan lana tennyson and vicky without knowing about the plan of salvation. that family has been through so much. they are very humble. its moments like that where i wanna stay here forever and find everyone and teach them according to their needs. but yesterday there was a special conference for peru and bolivia. there was a lot of emphasis on keeping covenants and going to the temple. its so awesome that we have the opportunity to make covenants with the lord. our covenants protect us so much but is the only way we can enter into gods presence. 

dad, my testimony on prayer, families, and priesthood has grown so much. i know god answers prayers. its amazing. i love my families so much and families really are a huge part of gods plan for us. and without priesthood power no pasa nada... i love this church. its so true that i almost don't believe it.. hahah 

but i hope you all are enjoying the crisp weather! i'm over here breathing water and super hot all the time. hahah

and about x mas... we can do whatever you all wanna do! that would be awesome dad if you could get xmas off!! and mom to. i would be happpy with whatever you all decide to do. i just wanna go to el cine :) hahah but hey dad maybe i can go to work with you once dad and keep you company and we can just talk about our missions. is there a spot for me or would that be too difficult?

fun fact: remember how picky i was with my food? before the mission i would never eat an onion or cooked tomatos or potato soup etc... welllllll i eat onions now (WHAT!) and i'll eat potato soup any day... i'll eat whatever.. except cow stomach or weird stufflike that. but i'm like the least picky person now! so weird eh!! my comp has 5 months on the mission and is sooo picky and its crazy cause looking back i was wayy pickier than her.. i told her that there is no such thing as a princess in the jungle and sometimes we just have to accept what happens cause there is nothing we can do about it... LIFE....right dad?? 

well thank you for everything you have taught me. last sunday i was asked to bear my testimony on scripture study and prayer within the family.. let me tell ya.. i talked about you and mom lots. i love you both so much. thank you for your love for me. i know you guys want the best for me. i am a weak person and have so many flaws but i will always try to overcome them. i trust that god gives us weakness to humble us, them those weak things will become strong. love u lots.!!!!! XOXOXOXCTR


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