Monday, October 12, 2015

I feel like i've given it my all.

Hey dad! Welllllllllll another week down. Nutz ehhhh. i will miss it!!! Haha wellll this week has been sooo hard… I was sooooo stressed and burdened I felt…. We have leadership meeting and it stressed me out more. My great sister missionary friend hna Jackson came from Pucallpa for the meeting to and stayed with us. It helped  me out so much cause she just talked to me…we went to the offices and I received a blessing from my zone leaders. It was the best blessing i've received my whole mission. We were sitting in the offices, me hna Jackson elder hatch and elder Muñoz and I was just telling them how I felt….. then I offered a prayer before the blessing to invite the spirit…. The tears started pouring down. HARD!!! I havn't cried in soooo long so they all came pouring out!! Then I said amen and I was crying hard… they put their hands on my head and the first thing hatch said was “peace be unto you”. And paused for about 15 seconds. And my tears stopped flowing and I got soooo sleepy and relaxed. I enjoyed the blessing a lot. He said that I would feel my family's love through the prayers they send up to heaven for me. And said lots of really cool stuff……  made me feel good! So now i'm on my two feet again working hard!!! I feel like i've given it my all. I feel like here i've done everything I can do and it feels good. I feel good. But thank you for always praying for me! And always taking care of me.
    Good to hear that lyssa went to visit jaxon!! It’s a long trip! haha but i did ask the offices for my travel plans! and they told me that lana should get hers within the next few 7 or 8 days from now. when you get her's can you send them to me so i can see when we meet up??? i'm sure we will meet up in LA cause the offices said that's where they were going to connect us. YAY! i'm so ready to see her. i miss her soooooo much. i know when we see each other we are going to cry and scream and won't care what anyone in the airport thinks. then we will find a payphone and call you guys and you'll get to hear us together at the same time! haha well dad yes i have been taking the vitamins. i think they help! i hope so cause its sometimes the only nutrition i get during the day... so thanks so much for sending them! when i get home i plan on eating lots of healthy stufff. i miss healthy so much. but anyway i hope they open up the ski hill this year!!! 

well i love you all and hope you are all being obedient to the commandments and always giving thanks to god. loveee u so much!!!\
this is a huge chunk of my area. it goes down real far and other streets off to the side too. it floods every november and december.

this is silvia. she lives in front of our home in front of a little humble home. she loves the missionaries and is very independent. she was born handicapped and is the biggest sweetheart ever! we found her one night just sitting there having a bonfire and it was so cute so we took pics!!

be grateful for what you've got! you can see the line of up to where the water floods every year. like 3 families live there.

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