Monday, June 1, 2015

a true disciple of christ keeps the sabbath day holy

hey guys! whats up? this week my comp got sick i felt bad for her but shes better now. so its nice because we get to be in the family history office with air conditioning and I just finished getting used to the climate here but its funny cause whenever i leave the office on a scorching hot day i feel like i get hit by a sauna.. its sooooooo humid outside and hot! and the air you breath is so wet. haha but that's okay i'm sure i'll miss it when i get home and its super freezing outside. i get cold now when it rains.. can't imagine what it'll be like when i get home in december . hahah i used to still be hot even when it rained at night..
    anyway this week was really good. i'll tell ya a little story. so we were walking on the street at night and a lady in her chair grabbed me and she was like mormons!! so we stopped and she totally creeped us out. like chills all down our spines. and she was like come visit me!!! i'm a member of the church... and we were like yeah ok and took out an appointment for this wednesday. so then yesterday we went to church and she came late. and she sat down on the other side of the room and would not stop looking at me. it was WEIRD. and so sacrament finished and she came up to me and was like HI i told my son that you guys are coming on wednesday and he is so excited to meet you and his girlfriend got mad at him because he was excited but he didn't care at all. he's a great cook and he works hard and he will be waiting on wednesday.... and the spirit told us both the same thing about her and i'll tell you what it was when i get home in december but it was crazy. so we went to the district leader the second hour of church and told him what happened and he was like yeah you guys are NOT going there this wednesday. and i was like nope we aren't. and so we were sitting there in the second hour and she wouldn't take her eyes off me and kept reminding me that we were going to her house on wednesday. it was weird! so then we left the room cause my comp and i felt real uncomfortable and then she came looking for me and so i kinda hid behind the elder and to my comp the lady was like wheres the gringa?!!! and then she saw me and was like ahhhhh you were hiding ...and i was like yeah go back to class ok? ... it was weird. we just got a super weird feeling around her so we will not be visiting her anytime soon.
    but anyway.. that's that.. so you know how there are those days where you are just so amazed with the atonement and you think about it alllll day long and you're in awe? well that happened this week. this week i have been so grateful for the atonement. i feel like in iquitos is where i have most felt that. iquitos is a special place. everyone needs the atonement but i know jesus christ is aware of every single person suffering here in iquitos and they ALL have access to the atonement. elder waddell from the 70 came and talked to us last thursday and it was absolutely inspiring. it made me feel so sad that i only have 6 months left. its soo cool that god trusts a bunch of young kids to preach his gospel. he is with us in every moment. elder waddell helped us realize the importance of missionary work and helping the people have a testimony of the book of mormon and prayer. it was interesting because out of all the scriptures he quoted he only used the bible once. he said he loves the bible and it is a precious book but the book of mormon is what converts us to christ. it helps us to understand the atonement more and more every time we read it. 
Elder waddell also helped us understand that GOD KNOWS ALL THINGS: its so true dad. sometimes i feel like things are so hard here.. and i wonder why some people reject the gospel even after they have felt the truths of it. sometimes i wonder if iquitos is where i'm supposed to be. but the answer is yes. i'm supposed to be here. god knows i'm here at this period of time. he knows all things and so as i walked the streets and taught lessons i couldnt get it out of my head... that he knows ALL things. its so true. we cannot lie to god either. its super important to work with all we have got and like you said dad, forsake all our sins and come unto him.
       well i love you all. i hope you all be good and remember to always keep the sabbath day holy... because a true disciple of christ keeps the sabbath day holy.
my compy! she's from lima
she's in my group! SHE'S AWESOME! everyone says she looks and acts like anna from frozen! LOL
Add cmy district!! they are great!!!
we said to do a funny face and elder ahrmon grabbed elder beas and elder beas was like what the heck... hahaha
this guy is awesome! hes nutz in his mind and hes always like "BONANZAS AL ALTÍSIMO"! JAJAJAJ and whenever he sees us he starts praying and always asks us where the church is haha

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