Monday, June 22, 2015

i bent down and grabbed his wrinkled skinny hand...

hello family! 
first of all happy fathers day yesterday to the best dad in the world! a dad who always made sure we had what we needed to progress who always did fun stuff with us and who ALWAYS told me he loves me! every day. and who honors and cherishes my mother :) thanks to my dad i am where i am! my dad is handsome and FUN! and once he accidentally blended up raw hamburger thinking it was frozen raspberries and he drank it before realizing what it was! HAHA (this has to go in the blog to dad. don't you dare take it out)
well this week was a little eventful. it was a great week. but a week full of emotion. well first of all me and my companion  get along excellently. she always laughs at me and says "estas LÓCA"(you are crazy) because she says i always do funny stuff. i don't know what... for example the other day i was climbing onto my bunkbed (the ladder is not secured at all because the zone leaders seem to not have time to secure it) and i fell right on the top step of the ladder! i crashed hard on the floor and my comp was killing herself laughing. then a couple minutes later i went to go up again being even more careful and i fell hard with the ladder AGAIN. and scuffed up my knee and my butt hurts now. so anyway she is not trunky at all. she is sad about leaving the mission next monday. so i also hit my one year mark and i thought it would be awesome to hit my one year but nope... we both moped around all day... all week actually. we were a little bipolar happy one moment and sad the next. we have been having success this change and seeing lots of miracles and elder Beas and elder Harmon have been helping us a lot with giving the sick and afflicted blessings and we just don't wanna go home. well i do but i don't. its crazy. 
     so yesterday we married a couple. i love this couple. they are olddd. one is 88 the other77 and they were sooo excited to get married it was ssoooo cute. but its a matrimonio where many couples get married. so there was music blaring LOUD and they were talking loud into the speakers and the other couple kinda just sat there not knowing what was going on but they had to be there so we brought them there. so they were sitting with the rest of the hundreds of couples and we were standing there with the elders and my comp looks and me and says she feels light headed. and i'm like UH OH! cause she faints really easily and when she feels like that i have to take real good care of her. so i made her sit down and put her head on my shoulder and i fanned her while a lady went and got us some water (cause i couldnt leave my comp and she couldnt walk at this point) and so the whole time i had to make sure she didn't fall asleep aka faint. i was ready there with rubbing alcohol just in case she was to faint cause i'd have to make her smell it to wake up her senses. but thank goodness she felt better. but all that night she felt sick so i stayed in with her and her stomach was killing her too. she told me that she was sick because i made her laugh too much hahah. i discovered that i'm good at immitating voices so i was doing that to cheer her up. but i called the elders and elder beas gave her a blessing. his blessings are awesome. he is a very very spiritual elder who absolutely loves jesus and his priesthood so its always uplifting to hear when he gives a blessing. he is very sensitive. so the next day my comp felt better! which was awesome because we got to watch the dedication of the Trujillo temple! it was BEAUTIFUL!!! i was so happy i got to watch it. it is the closest that i've been to being inside a temple since a year ago. so we got permission to go to the first 2 sessions. after the first session a lady came over to us frantically and was like "Felicita is here because her mom is going to die and she needs you there now!" felicita is the daughter of the old couple we married and are going to baptize... and i was like woah what! so we ran over to felicita and she told us what was going on.. she had been waiting for the temple dedication to finish to find us. so i told her we would go over there right then and there with the elders to give her a blessing. i was so sad because i love rovertina and oscar very much (old couple) so i ran over to elder beas and harmon and was like hey guys rovertina is sick and needs a blessing! and beas was like oh yeah hey i wanted to ask you something about pday tomorrow.. and i was like not now elder rovertina is sick. can you give her a blessing? and he was like yeah sure what time cause elder smith wanted to ask you something too. and i was like NO ELDER WE HAVE TO GO NOW!! haha so the got into a motocar and sped off when they realized she was going to die. so we go over to the house and all the family was there and we go to rovertina and i touch her face and and i have never seen anyone so sick in my life! and that's when the tears started streaming down my face. and i look up and Elder Beas was praying... preparing himself to give her a blessing. his eyes were teary too. so he blessed her and in the blessing he said that she was going to get better and next saturday enter into the waters of baptism. it was super cool. so i felt comfort in that moment because she was going to live. the ambulance got there and was able to help her. but we left to go to the second session of the temple. the whole day i felt like it was all my fault that rovertina got sick. dad... they are starving. they never have food. they don't have pension and i'm pretty sure no one helps them out. very rarely. we will go over there to teach a lesson and they tell us they haven't eaten since the day before. they are super skinny and i buy them their meals everytime i go there. they can't cook because they can't  see well and they can't hear well. we yell everytime we teach them so they can hear. maybe i feel like its my fault she's sick because i sometimes miss days where i don't see them and therefore don't buy them food thinking that maybe someone in her family will feed her. but it was sad because when the ambulance was there i was saying bye to oscar and he says to me as tears streamed down his cheeks " i don't want her to leave me. i don't want to live without her." i bent down and grabbed his wrinkled skinny hand and told him not to worry and to trust in god and the blessing she got and to say a prayer in his head. i was definitely in tears when he said that.. me dio much pena. mi corazon se sintio pesado y en ese momento estaba pensando en cuan dificil es para vivir en la selva a comparado a donde yo vivo.  
     i know when i go home i will value things alot more and complain less. i've never had to go to bed with a hungry belly. My eyes have been opened a little more since the mission and i see the world in a whole new way. i wish everyone in canada could be more grateful. including myself. because we have got it pretty dang good up north. but one thing i do know is that god loves us. very much. the atonement works and all thanks to Jesus Christ we will be perfected one day and have a risen and glorified body. we can be an eternal family! 
   se que el evangelio bendice a las familias y que milagros existen. nunca podré entender lo que jesucristo sufrio por el mundo. avecez me siento triste por la manera que las personas trataron a jesucristo. pero siento mucho consuelo en sabiendo  que el ha resucitado y esta feliz y las personas no estan lastimando le. yo amo a mi salvador. estoy bien agradecida que puedo arrepentirme y empesar de nuevo. aun que no puedo entrar en un templo porque no hay uno aqui cerca, mi testimonio de convenios y la casa del señor ha crecido muchisimo. dios es un dios de convenios y la obra del señor es sagrado y perfecto. nuestro amoroso padre celestial ama a todas las personas y por eso es posible que tambien las personas en el mundo de los espiritus puedan escuchar sobre el evangelio de cristo. amo el libro de mormon. me ha cercado mucho a mi padre celestial por medio el libro de mormon. ni puedo explicar en palabras lo que siento cuando leo mi LDM. espero que ustedes estan leyendo cada dia juntos :) les amo muchisimo y espero que estan felizes y disfrutando el verano. se va a ir bien rapido!!! y bien pronto voy a estar en los brazos de mi papá. alguien que estaba en mi mente todo el dia para el dia de padres. cuidense. xoxox 
  tu hija quien te ama mucho
    Hermana Blackmore.

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