Monday, June 29, 2015

in my dream we are usually companions

hello dad. wellllllll i am proud of lana for getting through training her comp! now she's sister leader! that is so awesome. i miss lana a lot. i dream about her often actually and in my dream we are usually companions. its great! well this week was sad. it was my comp's last week in the field. she was very sad and i was sad because we had a blast this change. the change went by really fast and now i only have 4 left. 

 so right now my companion is gone and i have no companion so i'm hanging with hna miner. she was my comp in the ccm for a day before they changed me to the latino group. she is awesome! she's making me feel better cause i feel a little empty without my companion. i'm nervous to see the changes when i get off this computer  but i bet the lord will comfort me and make me feel better. i have been reading the book of mormon like crazy these past few days. i have been skim reading it and now i'm almost done it. i feel like i just can't get enough of it. skim reading puts a lot of info into my head at once and i'm learning a lot about the 2 nations. or the "other sheep" its so crazy how gods plan is perfect. i love the way he brought to pass the gospel.. the great apostasy... the restoration... the translation of the book of mormon... etc. this gospel has blessed my life immensely. 
   dad you mentioned that you can feel that lana and i have changed. and that it'll be hard to get back into the real world. that is very true. that's the thing i'm most nervous for. i don't even know how i'll deal with it. it makes me anxious and scared thinking about it. i am just so grateful that lana will be with me, she can be my companion for a while. i know that we are going to be sleeping in the same room together and driving around and going everywhere together. i just don't think i'll be ready to be alone without a companion. its crazy cause before the mission i loved being alone. now i feel like it is a hard thing. but everything will fall into place i'm sure. i love you all. i hope mom has a blast in australia with vicky! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TEENY TEEENAGER SISTER! i still tell everyone on my mission that she's like my baby. i can't believe how fast she is growing up. one year and she will be going to youth dances! AHH!!! watch out dad! 

love you all very much. xoxoxox
quistococha!! all the newbie missionaries wanted to go there...they were soo excited. it was my fourth time going . so funny story about this pic. me and hna miner were taking pics and all of a sudden we heard the elders yelling like little girls and two seconds later we started getting bit by these bee looking things! i got bit about 12 times and i kid you not it felt like someone was jabbing needles into my skin! HURT SO BAD!!


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