Monday, June 8, 2015

it really is the key to our religion

well what's up!! glad to hear everything is going well! i can't believe ten is graduated! only one kid left and then we will all be graduated. how crazyyyy. well the family history thing is great. its cool cause we actually get to proselyte now too. so we have to take care of our area and family history. you feel the spirit so strong there its awesome! so last monday when i got off the computer i went to go visit carlos and españa. i saw españa laying on her bed so i stuck my face right in front of her and woke her up and she fell off the bed and i tried catching her cause she was so surprised! hahahah her baby (cielo) is so big now! and she recognized me right away! it made me cry when i hugged her because i was so happy. españa was crying too. and she told me that they are going to amputate carlos's other leg to. that hit me in the heart. makes me pretty sad. so i phoned carlos cause he's in the hospital and talked to him for a while. he's very sad and feels like he has no reason to live. i wish i could help him :(
      this week was awesome though we have been focusing lots on the book of mormon and we ALWAYS in every lesson leave something for them to read and then verify the next lesson to see if they read and if they didn't we read with them. and we have noticed that the people we are teaching are having even more of a conversion to the gospel when they read what we leave them, its crazy how the book of mormon is so powerful. it really is the key to our religion. i love love love it. its sooo interesting and fun to read.
    so we moved houses.... and man it was such a hassle. the zone leaders helped pick out the house and they called and were like hey we found you a house and signed the contract! and we were like cool hopefully its a good room. so we go and there's NO WINDOWS that lead to outside! i was like elders what the heck! and they were like do you like it? and i was like yeah when we have room revisions hermana gomez is going to make us move. AGAIN. but oh well. so last night in the middle of the night i got up cause i couldn't breath! i HAD to open the door cause it was sooo stuffy. so we will see what happens. now i understand why the women pick out the houses. heheheh silly zone leaders.
   well i love you all so much. i'm so proud of ten for the way he stands up for the church!!! he really is a good boy and good brother. love him a lot!
 take care! CHAOO!

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