Monday, June 15, 2015

i feel blessed to be able to remember scriptures

hey guys what's up! i can't believe ten went to a ysa thing! that is crazyyyy i bet the ladies were all over them hahaha. i hope he enjoyed himself. well this week has been a fun one. we had lots of lessons and taught lots of awesome people. its funny because sometimes when i'm laying in my bed i think about how much i've learnt and try to think about how my life was when i didn't know any of the things i've learnt on my mission. i feel like before i was a lost little sheep who thought i knew my way around. its crazy how blinded we can be as humans! there were questions that people would ask me about the church that i felt i could not respond but now i feel blessed to be able to remember scriptures or things i've learnt in conferences or experience on the mission to answer questions. but this morning i was reading the scriptures and i'm in the beginning of alma where he goes to preach in ammonihah and he gets discouraged because the people didn't want to listen to him and called him crazy and spat on him and kicked him out. he turned his back on the town and thought he would never go back when an angel appeared to him and said he was the same angel who appeared to him when alma was a bad man leading people astray. the same angel who scared him and he was struck dumb. its kinda cool because the same angel appeared to him in that moment but this time he comforted him and blessed him and gave him strength and told him to go back and preach the gospel. its awesome.(alma chapter 8) that chapter gives me lots of hope because sometimes people don't want to listen to us or lie to us or all of a sudden just don't want anything to do with the church. but we aren't being spit upon or kicked out. so this chapter reminds me that we are the lord's servants and instruments in his hands and it doesn't matter what happens to us its only important that we follow the spirit and do what god wants us to do. being a missionary isn't easy. and god knows it and that's why he is constantly comforting us and reminding us who we are. i love this work. its awesome. super fun.
         oh yeah... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! almost.. haha i sure am grateful for my dad! he's the best dad ever! thanks dad for supporting me and teaching me the principles of the gospel and helping me grow spiritually and always protecting me and making sure i'm healthy and feeling beautiful. my companions always tell me i'm lucky to have you dad. and they are right. i think about what it'll be like when i get to hug you! its been a year since i've hugged the priesthood! LOVE YOU!

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